Saturday, July 11, 2009


I have been trying to get by here for it seems like days now. It's just been very busy. Lily has NOT projectile vomited since I took her to the Dr. (YEAH!!) When she wakes instead of nursing, I have been feeding her cereal with a little bit of fruit mixed in. I also offer her a sippy cup. (w/breast milk.. that she still gets REALLY excited about) I get her dressed and then we nurse for a little bit. I am guessing that she may have been experiencing some reflux. (?) everything else seems to be going well. She is still teething and has been napping much less. Today we struggled to get past the 45 minute mark and tonight she was screaming exhausted. Poor thing. When she gets like that she hits and kicks me or anything that she is able to.

She is sitting up more and more... She has also started looking up over her bumper pad when she is on her tummy. It is SOOOO cute. She reminds us of a little periscope. LOL

Here are a couple recent photos... The one was sheer luck! :D


Lisa said...

Those glasses are adorable :) Where did you get them?

Zoe said...

Hi Lisa..
Thank you. They are Gymboree. One of my Best Friends gave them to Lily (me) as part of our Baby Shower gift when I was still pregnant with Lil.