Monday, June 29, 2009

Doctor Visit

We saw Lily's Neurosurgeon this morning. They were able to get an ultrasound as well. This was the final one. She was such a good girl! She ate a bottle while they did the scan. We went upstairs to see Dr. D. The office always swoons over her and she is always eager to smile and chat with them. LOL ;) The Dr. took us back measured her head and this time it was at 44. On June 1st it was at 42.7. He was "ok" with this. (She is still very sunken) He said that she has been bouncing between the 75th percentile and the 90th percentile. She is currently just under the 90th percentile. Then he proceeded to read the radiologists report on her ultrasound. He said that it was worded odd. Today's ultrasound was the last one. They noted that it was difficult to read due to the fact that her fontanel is almost closed. The Radiologist stated that the cyst was practically nonexistent, (same as the previous months) her ventricles appeared smaller and there appeared to be LESS brain matter. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... Dr. D stated that just isn't possible. He said that the only things in there are ventricles and brain matter. The only logical conclusion is that it was so difficult to read that he meant that he was unable to see it. Like I said the Dr. was not overly concerned. He wants to see her back again in 4 weeks and this time we are going to get a CT. I'm not sure how often we will have to see him after next month. I know that he is not going to want to get a CT every month. He asked what she is doing now... I gave him the run down, rolling over, scooting, raising entire upper body, trying to get legs under her, chatting, smiling, cooing, agooing... no momma or dada.. yet. He was pleased. So..... 4 more weeks. Tomorrow we go for her 6 month check up. I will post again with her weight, length and etc.

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Carla said...

sounds like a good visit! That is awesome that Lilli is doing so much!!