Friday, March 20, 2009

Went to the Dr. anyway...

So, I decided to take Lily to the Dr. anyway. I didn't want to start the weekend and things get bad. (Now I realize that anything could still happen) Still no fever. She was a bit more irritable through the night. So, she was weighed and now up to 10 lb 10 oz. Only 3oz since last Monday. One day she will reach 11 lbs. LOL The Dr was fine with her progress. She looked her over, throat, nose, ears, listened to her chest and she was good. She went on to say that she'd probably be in much worse shape if I were not so diligent about the Cool Mist humidifier, saline nasal drops and the vicks plug in. Oh.. and I also have her sleeping at a incline to assist in drainage. She was pleased that she actually caught the bug from me, b/c she is also getting the antibodies that my body has made through her milk.

She said that she could have the Flu. But we decided not to test her b/c at this point there isn't anything that could be done and it would put me in "freak-out" mode. LOL She also said that as long as she is eating and alert when she is awake then it should run it's course.

While out, I found a "steal" on 6 gently used Fuzzi Bunz on craigslist.. and bought those. I also went back by SoftClothBunz ( I'm lucky that she is local and I can pop in) and bought a couple more liners and 12 more prefolds. There.. I am committed! LOL... I had thought about making my own, but honestly I am NOT that good on my sewing machine and I am eager to get this started. LOL..

Well, I have finished the prep wash and now I'm going to go hang them out on the line.

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