Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lil's first cold.. :(

Poor Lil-Lil has caught her first cold. I feel so bad seeing her feel under the weather.. but even worse b/c I am the one that she caught it from. She is still such a good baby. She is a bit congested, sneezing and a slight cough. NO fever and still has a good appetite. So, I am just watching her. I have not taken her in to see the Dr. I have been running her cool mist humidifier and giving her saline nasal drops. (I don't have to aspirate b/c she always sneezes it all out shortly after)

Before Lily was born, I researched and looked into cloth diapers. We have been very lucky and have not had to buy diapers. We are getting close to that point and I decided to move forward with the cloth trials. :D So, she is currently snug as a bug snoozing with her second cloth diaper. Ken usually gets up at her 11pm-1am (no she doesn't feed that long but typically wakes in that time frame) and we have agreed to put her in a disposable until we get the hang of the whole process. We have a couple different types of cloth diapers. Prefolds with a cover, fitted cloth (Kissaluv) that needs a cover, Pocket AIO (Fuzzi Bunz) and a Bum Genius that is a AIO with the built in pocket. So.. I will keep everyone posted on our new Cloth Journey!


Carla said...

poor little girl! I hope she feels better! I can't find your email, so if you email me, ( can go into detail about chicks! Also, LOVE the cloth dipes! I did them for about a year & saved so much $$$. prefolds w/ a thirstie rocks!

Anonymous said...

Hope she gets better quickly

The Soldatke family said...

Ooh, we hate bein' sick round these parts! Hope she feels better soon!

Oh and we love cloth over here too! We cloth diaper Matthew, and I make his diapers, (I thought I had read somewhere you were planning this) and we have some boughten ones also. My favorite boughten ones- Bumgenious one size and then a prefold, snappi and a thirsties cover. I have a skinny waisted little boy and they both work the best. Fuzzi's never fit right. but the pattern I have uses a snap press, but it's the BOMB! Have fun with cloth, you'll save a ton!

SaraHaupt said...

I LOVE the picture! Don't know why...just do.