Saturday, January 3, 2009


Ken and I call about 4 times throughout the the night to check on Lily. Last night the nurse asked us if we ever sleep. LOL We typically call when I am up pumping. (We multi-task) So, when we called about 2am the nurse told us that Lily's surgery site had been leaking again! This is after they removed all the hardware and stitched her shut. So, the resident called her Dr. and he came in and gave her an additional stitch, changed the dressing and put her back on antibiotics as a precaution. She has been feeding well, about 2.5 oz's every 3 or so hours. Hopefully today I will be able to try and nurse for the first time.

This morning when I called over, her incision site was dry. Hopefully that stitch will do the trick. Now I pray that she will have complete "flow" and he will not have to do an additional surgery or shunt her. God has blessed us so many times already. I know he has a plan and it is going to be way better than we could have ever imagined.

I'm off to shower and be ready when Ken gets home to head over and see our little bundle. :)

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