Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lily was the most alert that I have ever seen her today! She spent a lot of time looking at us and was very curious about every little sound today. It was so awesome to see her like this! I tried to nurse her, that didn't go so great but we will keep trying. :) While we were there the nurse paged the Dr. b/c he wanted to speak to us. So he called and asked how Lily was today, I told him very alert and he said great! So they had decided to move her onto the floor today but, the hospital is full and they were unable to. They may try again tomorrow but this afternoon we were told that there were eight (8) children that were in the ER that were waiting for beds. So, they just may end up keeping her in the PICU. The Dr. went on to say that he incision site has been dry all day and her head circumference is the same as it was yesterday before they pulled the hardware. He said that if she remains this way and there are no other issues and if Dr. Dilustro gives the go ahead she may be able to come home MONDAY!!!! This news was a bit shocking for me, I am very excited but don't want to get my hopes up to much just yet. He went on to say that if she is "truly" hydrocephalic then we should know by then and then of course they would be keeping her to place a shunt. Of course we will still have to watch her and she will have regular visits to make sure that everything is ok. So, at this point we are praying that there are no changes over the weekend and that once we are released that her brain tissue decompresses and is not damaged.

Here are some photos from today... You will be able to see the ridge line on her head and where the plates are a little over lapped. This is b/c there was fluid there to expand her head and it has been removed or is flowing. Please continue to pray that her CSF is flowing properly and that she will not need a future procedure.


swtpea said...

Awe, She is so adorable! I'm glad that everything is looking up, let's hope it stays that way. If she gets to go home maybe me and mom can come by one day and see her! :) Love you Zoe.

- Rosie

Nikicrs said...

Oh Zoe, she's AMAZING! Those BIG eyes lookin' at ya - I'm in love! ;)~ She's a fighter for sure! I'm so excited and happy for you guys that she's continuing to improve. I've been keeping up with your progress, as well as, keeping you in my thoughts. My mom even askes about you guys every few days....she remembers you from high school. :)

Stephanie said...

She is beautiful... glad to hear she is doing better and she gets to go home!!!!