Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today was a busy day! Tori had an Orthodontist appointment this morning, then Lily and I dropped her off at school. We headed home so that I could nurse her and then off to see Dr. Dilustro. Her head circumference was 40.5 the morning of her surgery they measured it at 42.5, her fontanel is nice and soft and sunken. we are back in observation mode. We have to wait and see if her head begins to expand again. It took close to 3 weeks the last time. He wants to see us back next Thursday and they will do an ultra-sound then as well. I am praying that things are flowing the way that they should be. :)

I have noticed that she is starting to show more personality. For instance, yesterday she absolutely refused to take a bottle. I had thawed some of the breast milk for some of the bottles that I had made, I am hoping that she just didn't like the milk. i suppose we will know soon enough. :) Well, I am exhausted.. I am going to go relax.

Here are a few more cell phone pics. My cell is always handy and it is so easy to just snap.. I know not the best quality but still cute. :)

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