Monday, January 19, 2009

4 weeks old today!

Ms. Lily is 4 weeks old today! Wow.. I can hardly believe it. We went and saw Dr. Dilustro this morning. Yesterday, her fontanel was firmer but her incision site was almost flat. I have never felt a head so much in all of my life! Anyway, she was still eating pretty good and was acting fairly "normal" and I knew that she was scheduled to see the Dr. this morning so I just monitored her. So, her Dr. sent us down for another ultrasound this morning. He agreed that her head circumference is up again today. He liked the incision area. He said that he has confidence in my judgement and he feels that if something is serious I will know. Anyway, the ultrasound showed no real change. Her cyst and ventricles are about the same. (could be up by a tiny amount) So, she is not getting worse but not getting better either. He'd really like to see her ventricles decrease in size. So, right now he has us coming back on Thursday for another ultrasound and a office visit with him to see if there are any changes. If everything remains unchanged then she will have surgery on Friday. He is going to do another Endoscopic Fenestration. Then we have to wait and see again. She will probably be in the hospital through the weekend. He said that if this doesn't get things moving then we will discuss the shunt. I am praying that we see huge positive changes this week and that she will not need another surgery on Friday. In celebration of her being 4 weeks today; I took a video clip of her this morning before her Dr. appointment and a few photos.

The weather forecasters are saying that we may have snow tomorrow.... 3 to 5 inches! I'm SOOOOOOOO excited! LOL... Snow is a huge deal around here. If we get 5 inches... everything will be shut down. Please pray that we have no emergencies!

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