Monday, December 29, 2008

Wow.. what a day. I think that I am more emotional than normal. Might have something to do with all that is going on, hormones, lack of sleep, and having a c-section a week ago.

We arrived at the hospital and the CT had been done. We had to wait a few hours for the results. The nurse did assure us that she is still stable and not to "worry." Dr. Dilustro would be over to speak to us. He made it by after lunch. I knew that he didn't think that it was an "emergency" b/c otherwise he would have been in touch asap.
Anyway, the CT revealed that the cyst and the ventricles are a little smaller. (this is good) But, The fluid was coming out from around the drain site. He was hopeful that by keeping the drain closed that this would force any pressure to cause the cyst to drain. Instead the opposite was happening. It was trying to come out the other way. Now, the fluid only comes out when she is upset which adds pressure to her head.

He decided to open the drain and attach a vacuum to allow the fluid to flow and they will also be able to monitor how much fluid is being lost. This morning her fontanel was deeply sunken in as well. We don't know what the next step will be yet. we have to wait and see what happens next. He had explained this to us before she was born. He is really trying all other options before having to shunt her.

So far this evening she is happier. I'll be calling the hospital shortly to make sure that everything is still going smoothly.

Please keep praying... I wouldn't call this a set back just a reminder that we have a long journey ahead.

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