Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday December 28th

Good morning all....

We are headed up to the hospital later this afternoon. I just called and got a check on Lily. She had a pretty uneventful night. They are getting her re-established to her feeds. She has been taking about 60ml (2oz) every 3 or so hours. Good thing my milk is in and I am not having issues in this area. She has available "back stock" at this time. LOL Due to the surgery, pain meds, anesthesia, and not taking feeds she is jaundiced again. They have started her back on light therapy. we were told that once she is no longer under the lights she will be able to wear clothes! The nurse said to bring some clothing in that way they can begin to introduce this to her. Dr. Dilustro came by to see her this morning and changed her dressing, there was a little drainage but he is pleased with it. They have changed her neurological checks (pupil size, making sure there is no vomiting, lethargic, or seizures) to every two hours. They are not measuring her intracranial pressure b/c she is not showing anything abnormal neurologically. Praise The Lord!

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