Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not much to report.........

Lily was under and on top of the "billi" lights today. We were not permitted to remove her "batman" mask. They are trying to knock the last bit of jaundice out of her. Her over all color was much better today.

They also started her back on a little oxygen. She was hovering around 88-92. The nurse said that sometimes the lights can affect the sensors that detect the oxygen.

Today was a little bit of a hard day b/c she slept most of the time we were there and we could only see part of her face. I guess I am being "greedy." LOL

She is still taking her feeds well.

Thank you to those of you that visited today.. it was great seeing you all! God Bless...

I wanted to add this message that I received in my email:

Mountains into Miracles

By Robert H. Schuller

"Praise Him for His mighty acts. Praise Him according to His excellent greatness." – Psalm 150:2 (NKJV)

Early one morning during a session of our Institute for Successful Church Leadership, a minister from Minnesota was suddenly paged to take an emergency call. He was told that his three-and-a-half-year-old son had fallen into a swimming pool. His wife had lifted the little boy out of the pool and applied mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to his apparently lifeless body. By the time the ambulance arrived, the boy was beginning to respond.

The whole audience of four hundred ministers joined me in prayer for that little child. And what a great moment it was at the closing convocation, during the dedication service, to see the little lad and his parents come forward to kneel at the front of the church. I don't think there was a dry eye in the entire church.

After the service, the father told me that when they arrived at the hospital, x-rays showed that there was water in his son's lungs. Several hours after we had all joined in prayer, they x-rayed his lungs again and found no water present!

The doctor called it "a miracle." And it was! For it only takes you and God to make a miracle.

For every mountain there is a miracle.

* * *
Thank You, God, for the mountains in my life that You and I are turning into miracles!

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