Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One down.. One to go...

Well, I just returned from my OB visit at EVMS. I saw a different Dr. this week. I REALLY liked him! So optimistic and compassionate! Let me start from the beginning, I lost 4 pounds in the last week.. They did not seem overly concerned about it. The Dr came in and measured my stomach which is already measuring between 38-39! Being that I have never met him, he asked me a several questions about Lily and the size of her ventricles. He agreed that they are VERY enlarged. He then took a peek with the "old fashioned" ultrasound machine in the room and sounded almost positive about the arachnoid cyst. He said that it was Mid-Line and that Dr. white is the best and it's great that we are seeing him this afternoon. He went on to say that he was not a specialist in her condition and he was speaking off the cuff BUT, we should have a positive outcome here. That the brain continues to grow and etc for several years after birth and with technology today and the programs available he feels positive.

We discussed a C-section and I let him know that I would feel most comfortable with that decision and he agreed. He went on to say that if it is up to him, it will not be scheduled until I am at least 39 weeks... The first week of January. He said that if Dr. white feels differently then they will go with his recommendation. So, we go back again next week and have another ultrasound.

I will update more this afternoon after we see Dr. White.

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Billie said...

Yeah!! Fabulous news!! Do you remember how worried we all were for Tori because of the surgery that you had in your first trimester??? Granted, the risks weren't as sever as Lilly's case, but it is still an example of the miracles that God works!! I am most certain is he working his miracles on Lilly also!