Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 4, 2008

The ultrasound revealed that Lily's ventricles are the same size they were two weeks ago. This is GOOD. Two weeks ago Dr. Warsof mentioned that we could be dealing with an "Arachnoid Cyst." They are not able to truly confirm this yet but they are seeing what they think is a cyst on the ultrasound. Out of all the cases this would be the BEST case scenario. They looked in detail once again of her heart and other organs and everything else is perfect. They were able to see that she is practicing her breathing. ALL of the results from the amnio were normal or negative... more wonderful news. She is already 6lbs 3ozs!!! (She is 34 weeks and 4 days) So, if we go to term.... roughly another 6 weeks, she could be over 9lbs!

We are still no closer to deciding if they will be doing a C-section or not. We go back in one week just for a normal OB appt. We also see the pediatric neurologist on the same day and he will be able to give us more information, prognosis and etc. We will be seeing the OB every week, but will get another ultrasound the week of the 15th. (if we make it that long)

So, today's visit was good.. but we are still a long way from knowing her long term prognosis and etc. We remain optimistic and full of prayer!

Here is the picture that the DR drew.

Once again our family can not thank you all enough for the out pouring of prayer... Please keep praying.. we have a long journey to go.

God Bless!

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