Saturday, December 20, 2008

Count Down begins.....

In two days life as we know it will be completely changed! Friday, I went to work... and Monday marks the first weekday of my "unemployment" and the birth of our sweet Angel.

I have to admit, I'm terrified. I continue to pray for Peace, Strength, Clarity, and Healing. I know everything is in Gods hands, he has control but, I still find it difficult to let it all go. I suppose it's all part of that human thing.

I am enjoying the last few days of being preganant, the heart burn, back aches, and feeling her move with in me. Right now, I know that she is safe, and not in any type of pain and that eases my mind some. It's difficult b/c the doctors will not even speculate on what to expect once she is born. I pray that she is strong, breathing on her own, and ready to amaze everyone. I have no doubt that she is meant to be here on this earth.... She has already been such a blessing in our lives. I can't wait to kiss her sweet pouty (Angelia Jolie.. hehehe) Lips.

Well... I need to run, I have SO many things to do today... Thought I'd share a recent photo...

One day shy of being 37 weeks.....

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Jennifer said...


I'm thinking of you all and praying for little Lillian Grace. I remember the exact feelings you're having. Mine lasted an extra week because when we had the amnio at 37 weeks to see if his lungs were ready, they weren't and things were put off a week. If you want to read it, I had another blog that I used during the pregnancy. It's spotty in places, but most of the information is there. Here is the beginning of it:

I look forward to following your journey. It is quite the rollercoaster, but there is such a great community of moms online that have been there. It helped me so much to read their stories.

Love and prayers,
Jennifer and Elijah