Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday November 25th

Wow, Is it really only Tuesday? Feels like Friday.

Still no test results. I called EVMS today and was told that the lab misread that they were supposed to do a "rapid" FISH test and that most likely we will now not have the results until Friday. However, we should have ALL of the results by then. OK, so no news is good news at this point and leaves more time for prayer.

While on the phone I did ask a few more questions...

Is it possible for Lillian to have seizures or convulsions inside of the womb? It is possible but probably unlikely... I feel her hiccup and wanted to make sure that it wasn't anything else.

Should I be taking steroids to strengthen her lungs? Not yet, During the appointment on December 4th, if the hydrocephalus is progressive (getting worse) then they will probably go ahead and schedule a C-Section sooner and administer the steroids to prepare her lungs.

We have noticed that we are able to stimulate her by touch.. Today, at work I was poking her (gently) and she kicked me back really hard. In Church on Sunday, when the choir was signing or there was music she was extremely active. All positive signs. ...

I continue to pray that God heals her completely, reduces the amount of fluid in her brain, all brain tissue is there and vital and medical intervention will not be necessary.

For with God nothing shall be impossible. - Luke 1:37

Once again, Ken, Tori, Lily and I can not begin to Thank everyone for the out pouring of prayer, and thoughtfulness during this time. It is appreciated more than I am able to express!

God Bless!

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