Sunday, February 6, 2011

Repaired and Lillian's Birthday revisited!

Geesh.... I finally figured out why everything was "wonky." I finally broke down and posted my issue on the Google blogger forum. Through a process of elimination, I discovered that the formatting in Lillian's birthday post was the culprit! The day that I posted it; I remember it giving me a fit! (or maybe I was the one in a "funk." lol) I wasn't able to post all the photos that I wanted and I had limited time... so, I sorta half....A#$ed (excuse my language) it.

I haven't been posting here as often because of the "technical issue" I was experiencing but, now that it has been resolved... I'm going to burn it up. OK, maybe not that much... but more often. :)

While I was pulling photos off the camera I saw some from this past October, she has grown INCHES since then! She still looked babyish.... she is looking more and more like a little girl everyday! How quickly the time goes. :/ Bitter sweet. Here are a few photos from her birthday... I created most of the decorations myself and sewed her dress and "the coveted spoon cover!" LOL... That's a joke between my best friend and I.


Kristen said...

So glad you got the blog situation figured out. I feel so relieved for you. Lillian's birthday party was beautiful!

Carla said...

Oh MY look how big she's grown! So beautiful!