Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fluffer-Butt and Hurricane Earl

Here are a few quick photos that I was able to "grab" of Lillian wearing her new diaper cover. I have found that if I open the side door she will linger around it making it easier for me to take photos. LOL I am really please with the results of this little diaper cover. Perfect for fabric scraps! :) Next summer she will be 2 and a half..... is that to old for "ruffle hineys?" What do yall think?
Soooooo how about this Hurricane!? I have family that lives on Ocracoke Island..... I know that at least half of them are leaving... there is still one in question though. I will be making a phone call in a short while. We are very close to Va. Beach... and I'm sure that we will feel some effects of this storm. :/ It has been a few years since we have had to be on "Hurricane alert" and I have not missed it! I suppose this is all part of living close to the coast in a "beach community." We are watching the news.... and are preparing for power outages and etc. The last time we were greatly impacted by a hurricane was in 2003, Hurricane Isabel. We lost power for upwards of a week, phone and cable were out for two! We don't have city water so when we don't have power that is nooooooooooo water too! UGH! I am grateful that we own a generator and it has been a great investment over the years!


Kristen said...

Oh, oh my that diaper cover is cute!! I was trying to imagine a diaper cover on Cayman (she's two and half right now) and no I don't think that's too old. Especially not when our children are so petite. Lily looks tiny...long and lean I mean. That's exactly how Cayman is built.

I hope you can stay safe and well through the storms. It's a vulnerable feeling when being home does not feel secure as a refuge from the storm.

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

OMG...I love it! My mom is pretty good with a sewing machine so I might have to see if she can work her hand at something like this for my girls...and no...two is not too old for ruffle butts! I will put my girls in them for!!!!