Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Lily awoke with a couple areas on her face and arm that looked like hives. Ugh... she has been on the amoxicillin for about 5 days. She has still be running a very low grade fever and has been a bit tempermental. (In a "cute" toddler way.... most of the time. lol) I called the Doctor. Allergies run in our family... so I don't want to take chances. Of course they wanted to see her. I am very glad that we went in b/c her ear that was infected dosen't look much different!! After close to 5 days of antibiotic??? Today, she remembered the Otoscope and it took EVERYTHING in me to hold her down so that the doctor could look. She began to cry as soon as she saw it! Awwwwwwww.... poor...poor pea! I am looking forward to her feeling better. She was borderline today... fighting her nap and acting fussy again. I feel like I have been giving her motrin around the clock for days... and I don't like to do that... but, she got some tonight.

I ordered my new sewing machine. I went with the Brother that I was looking at. (Thank you Jennifer for giving me your  advice!) The reviews were really good on it and it was in the price range that we can spend for now. If price were not an issue then I probably would have opted for something else BUT.. I am really excited for its arrival! I have the best husband ever. He is always supportive of the things that I am interested in! Well, it is past my bedtime... way past! Night....

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Tara said...

Poor baby girl. James used to get really really bad ear infections. So bad that they would literally overlap each other. His ears would look red one day after a weeks worth of antibiotics and the next thing i knew he had another high fever and another ear infection. It literally consumed his whole first 6 months until we had tubes put in.

I hope she feels better really soon.