Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dada... and Lil off to the golf course AND sewing project 2!

Just a quick update.... I have been "crazy" busy.... between projects and errands.... Whew! Ken is in the process of seeding our backyard and prepping for the next grass season. So.... he spent a good portion of Saturday out in the yard cutting, and seeding and etc..... We usually try and keep the front looking good until it gets soooooo hot that it fries... lol We are starting the process on the backyard for next year. Anyway..... he missed spending time with his Lili-Lil. Also, I think that he knew that momma might like to have a little break. Lily has been exhibiting signs of the..... "TWO"S" rapidly approaching... example??? She decided that she did not want me to pick her up and remove her from a "situation" and bent down and BIT me! She has been throwing some temper tantrums and stuff.... you know "normal" toddler stuff... PRAISE GOD! :) So.... he decided that he was going to take Lil to the golf course. He used to be a regular at this particular course until Lillian was born. In the last year and a half I think that he has gone golfing a half of a dozen times... tops. While they were "golfing." hehehe.... Lily spent time climbing some hills and they zipped around the course with the course manager on a cart... :) I worked on my 2nd sewing project. Tablecloth turned into Toddler top. :) Of course not the entire tablecloth. LOL I LOVE the fabric of the tablecloth just not in my house... not sure what I was thinking when I bought it. It was a clearance item and well now I am glad that I had it. :) We used this tablecloth to cover the table outside when Lily colored Easter eggs. So.... just happened that there was one area that had a few spots of pink dye.... I cut out the orange/rust design and added a couple of buttons. She wore the top today and it looked adorable! I can't wait to start the next project! :)

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