Saturday, July 31, 2010

PhotoShoot Sneak Peek!

Well.... Lily had a little photo shoot this morning.... Here is a sneak peek photo... this is the only photo that has been shared with me too! I am excited about seeing the rest.

I REALLY need to update the design on Lil's blog. It is currently 3rd on the list. I am in the process of working on two jobs. One website is for a non-profit organization. They work with foster teens. I am very excited about the project however, I have to learn how to "program" a CMS (content management system) that I have never used. I googled, and googled but there was limited resources on the web. Ack! Soooooo.... I went searching for a book. I found just the one I wanted and ALL of our local Barnes and Nobles were "Out OF Stock!" Must be some book! I had to order it from BUT... I did buy it used and well, these type of books are not "cheap!" :/ It arrived today. Yea! But, I have not really had the time to sit down and read it. It's only 637 pages long and they recommend that you begin at chapter one b/c all the info builds on each other. hmmmmmm....... wonderful.... I gave a September 1st promise date. So, at this time that is a HUGE priority in my life... just under being "mommy" of course. :)

One of Kens co-workers got married tonight. We were invited to the wedding and debated on if we should take Lily or not. The wedding started at 5:30pm and well, Lily is typically in bed EVERY NIGHT by about 7pm. We decided that we would ask Kens parents (Grammie and Dopa) to watch her. We have never left her with anyone. Ken and I work around each other to make sure that she is always with one of us. She is such a laid back (most of the time) child that we figured that she would probably be just fine. We had more anxiety over it then she would. She was awesome! She went right to bed, well Grammie did have to read her two books. Dada usually has to as well. They said that she was SO easy and they really enjoyed being able to spend that time with her. I guess Ken and I should try and get a Date night every now and again. We have been VERY slow in our progression of this b/c of how her life started. We are still overly cautious.

Well.... I will be back to share the rest of her photos when they are ready!

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Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous!

Can't wait to see the rest!