Thursday, July 8, 2010

18 month check up

Lillian had her 18 month check up yesterday. Everything went well. :) She weighed in at 22lbs (20th%) She is 32 inches tall (55th%) and her head measured in at 48cm.(90th%) She was consistent with her rate of growth. :D Her doctor was pleased that her head circumference is with in "normal" limits. They asked the typical questions, how many words. I hate to say this but she is repeating so many words that it is difficult to say how many she has. If I had to guess, I'd say between 30 and 50! We talked about weaning..... yes, she still nurses before naps and bedtime... so 3 times a day. I had her weaned to once a day and that was before bed and well when she started to walk she needed that extra bit. I gave in because I thought it would be temporary. Ha.. I was wrong. I'm going to give it a little bit longer and see if she will just move on herself... we also talked about her "Binky." They like to see weaning from that as well.... at this time she only gets it in the crib. We have decided to hang onto that a while longer. I don't want to focus on both at the same time.

She loves to go swimming... every time we drive by the Y, she starts to say... "kick, kick, kick?" (That is what she says when she goes swimming... they taught her that in swim lessons this past winter) The other day a pool installation company commercial came on TV, and she stopped that she was doing and started to point ad say... "kick, kick, kick" I said, Yes! That is a pool! Soooooooo smart... then right after that a bedding company commercial came on and they pictured a bed. When she saw that she said... "nigh, nigh." So smart. :D

We have a garden and have started to get an over abundance of tomato's, zucchini, and cucumbers. I shredded some of the zucchini and froze it to make breads, cakes, and cookies. I have also frozen some of the tomato's. But what do you do with cucumbers???? Besides, pickling. (Which I still want to learn to do!) I began a search on the Internet.... dehydrated cucumbers??? I figured I'd give it a try. I have owned a dehydrator for about 5 plus years and I have not used it ONCE! (It was a gift... that I wanted but never got around to using) So, I sliced up zucchini, tomato's and cucumbers and let them dehydrate for about 8 hours. I was VERY impressed in the results! They have so much more flavor then when they are hydrated! I have found that they are good snacks! Especially since I have been trying to get back into a consistent exercise routine again. :) I currently have some strawberries dehydrating... YUM! Lily was curious in what I was doing so I gave her one... Ha... she was moving the chairs around trying to figure out how to get more herself! Silly girl!

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