Monday, May 3, 2010

We are all alive!

Gosh... I have been really "rotten" about updating lately. Our oldest daughter who will be 17 in June had been challenging us with "HER" independence a lot lately. She was involved in a auto accident as a passenger that she should not have lived through and walked away with fairly minor injuries. We are very Blessed! This occurred one week after Easter and the day after Lily started walking! See.... a lot has happened and I have failed to record it the way that I wanted to, :( This saddens me because those thoughts and moments will be lost forever. :/

We had a lovely Easter, the weather was unseasonably warm. We were able to put Lily in a onsie on the deck while she colored her own eggs. She loved it! (I will post photos later)

Early Intervention came out twice for Lillians annual review. The first time they came out, she was not yet walking. So, her gross and fine motor skills were marked at 12 months. The second visit a speech therapist came out and got her to walk!!! She has not stopped since! LOL While she was here she placed at 20 months for her communication skills! She was using 3 word patterns! She was very impressed with her "skills!" We are estatic!!!

Here is a video clip of Lily chasing her "dada."

Between both girls, we have been extremely busy! I will return SOON with many pictures and etc. Oh... and Lily goes for her next CT scan and follow up with her Neurosurgeon the end of this month.


Sarah said...

Well Done Lily! Fantastic walking!

Lisa said...

I was wondering where you had been. So sorry about the accident, but glad that she's doing okay.

What exciting news to hear that Lilly is walking!!!

alice said...

She is adorable!