Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Early Intervention Evaluation

Early intervention came out to evaluate Lillian this morning. They were very pleased with her progress since their last visit however, She is a little behind in a couple of areas. :/ Lets start with the good.. (not that the other is bad) Emotionally and socially she is at a 16 month old level. So, she is "advanced there." She is at the 12 month mark for gross motor skills and the 12 month mark for fine motor skills. The specialist said that when gross motor skills are delayed the fine motor skilled are as well b/c she is not capable of doing the "big" stuff yet. Like walking. She is not considered 25% delayed so they can not offer services BUT, did give me several exercises to do with her and they will re-evaluate when she is 18 months to ensure she has caught up. We are to work with her on strengthening her core muscles with a stability ball and this will also help with her balance.

We were asked if she is able to climb stairs. I know that she likes to try and walk up them when we are holding her hands but we live in a brick ranch and they only stairs available to her are the brick ones in front of our home. They suggested that I pull the cushions off the couch and let her climb up the couch that way. (Great idea.. why don't I think of things like that!!!!???) So, I fed Lily lunch right after they left and promptly pulled the cushions off the couch and arranged them like they suggested and before I could even finish putting them in place, she had already climbed them and was standing there jumping up and down.... holding on of course. So... that is one thing she mastered in mere minutes of them leaving. :D We have to work with her on stacking her blocks. She just isn't really interested in this... she wants to knock them down. LOL

I am so grateful that we have this service, that we can focus on the areas that she needs to keep her progressing.


Sherri said...

Yay! What a great evaluation!!! She is doing just awesome! And don't worry about the block thing...Greta didn't have an interest in stacking blocks until she was about 3 and she is exceptionally smart!

Lisa said...

Amazing! She is doing so well. Love the idea of stacking the cusions....she'll probably be pulling them off all them time now :)

Sarah said...

Great Evaluation!