Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Belated New Year!

Wow.. long time no update! I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Year! Ours was nice and quite.. just the way I like it. :) However the days following have been nothing but crazy busy! After many prayers, I have an opportunity to take a part time (night) SEASONAL job. Ken and I prayed about this decision. It happened rather suddenly. We had one week to decide. Lily is still nursing and her most important "nurse" is at bedtime. She NEVER takes a bottle and well, one week really is not enough time to wean. After much consideration and trial we decided to offer her a couple of ounces in a bottle in place of me nursing. (Due to the fact that I was not home every night this week.. I was getting certified) Ken said the first night was VERY BAD... she refused to go to sleep and cried (my heart breaks just writing this) he said finally he put her in her play area and laid on the floor with her. She finally (2 hours past her bedtime) snuggled up next to him and fell asleep. The next night was better and there after he said it was a breeze! To add to it, she is teething like mad! She finally has 3 teeth and is working on the 4th. (Both front top) Tonight I was able to nurse her and put her to bed.... We are pleased that she has adjusted.

For her birthday we bought swim lessons at our local YMCA. I teach spin class there and honestly it is more like a "Country Club" than a Y. She started that this week as well. She LOVED the water! Ken got in the water with her and I snapped several cell phone pics. we are going to go again tomorrow as a family. She has another lesson on Monday that I will take her to alone and Ken is taking her on Weds while I am at work.

Here are a couple photos of her and Ken and the swim instructor in the pool.


unkpoet said...

These pics are so adorable...she looks like she's blowing kisses in the one with daddy:-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like she loves the water!