Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa.. Santa...Santa!

Ken and I took Lily to see Santa last week. We were not sure how she would react. We went in the middle of the day in hopes that we'd escape a large crowd. (Lily tends to overstimulate in situations like that) Santa was on break when we arrived. We needed to wait 45 minutes. Tori had been to the mall with one of her friends days before and had sent me a barrage of text pictures of items that she'd like for Christmas. We took advantage of the extra time and picked up a few of her Christmas gifts.

We ended being first in line to see Santa and Lily LOVED him! She wanted to keep looking at him. This is a huge difference from her first Christmas last year when she was in the NICU.

Here is her photo with Santa.


Hannon! said...

Adorable! She looks very sweet with that bow on top of her head.

We're taking Audrey either on Sunday night or next weekend. The city we live in does an entire Santa's Village with little elves houses and different activities. I'm curious to see how Audrey reacts to Santa this year!

Kristen said...

Isn't that sweet! I mostly hear stories about children not liking Santa, but little Lily loved him. That made me smile.

Tara said...

We have yet to do Santa.. We mostly wanted to go to Bass Pro Shops and see him. I think it's pretty neat that they have a Santa workshop.

What a beautiful picture!

Zoe said...

Thank you! I really do hope that Audrey Sue likes Santa and has a wonderful experience. I look forward to seeing her pics!!

I know. We were kind of expecting her to cry. It was so sweet to see her staring at him. hehehe

Oh.. I wanted to take her there. The closest Bass Pro Shop is about 45 min to and hour away... then their hours during the week are 5-8.. Lily is typically ready for bed by 6:15 to 6:30! We hope to be able to take her there next year. I knew that the trip could turn into a nightmare. Can't wait to see the pics once you all go!