Monday, November 2, 2009

Morning at the Neurosurgeon's office

Well... Our visit this morning went great. Lily's head circum is now 46.5. He asked me about her milestones; crawling.. Yes, Pulling up.. Yes, cruising.. No, Saying 4 words...I'm pretty sure. She says Momma and Dadda, Bye Bye and we are pretty sure she says Kitty. He is pleased with her progress. She was very social in his office and hammed it up. :) His scheduler did not have the disk ready with her scans so she is going to mail it to me. As soon as I get it I'll post her before and afters. So, we do not return until NEXT July!! At that appointment we will get another CT (it will be one full year) and we will schedule her surgery to remove the catheter that was left in on her last surgery.

He also said that he recently had another baby come to him with a similar situation and he used what he did with Lily as a "model" for this other baby. I sure hope that the results are as wonderful as ours have been!

I can hardly believe that the Holiday season is so quickly approaching along with Lillians FIRST Birthday! Where has this year gone?


Anonymous said...

Glad to her the Neuro review went well.

Susanb said...

I work in early intervention and see children with all kinds of challenges associated with hydrocephalus. It sounds like she is doing great!! Keep it up.

Monica said...

this is great news!!!