Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lillians previous CT scans.

I received Lily's CT scans (via disk) in the mail today. It included all of her scans except for the one when she was born. The first one that I have is dated 01/15/09. It is similar to what they saw when she was born. 01/15/09 would have been in between her second and third surgery.

The large golf ball sized area in the center is the Arachnoid Cyst that was causing the CSF blockage and the hydrocephalus. The dark areas are all fluid.

The next scan is dated 03/12/09. In these scans the Cyst is GREATLY reduced and there is less fluid.

The last set of images are from 07/27/09 and the Cyst is just about non-existant and there is further less fluid.


Anonymous said...

The difference is amazing, looking alot better!

Lisa said...

Amazing, simply amazing. Her brain has been through so much....yet you would never know it. She is such a smart little girl!

Thanks for sharing, it was so interesting to compare the differences between scans :)

Carla said...

I will never tire at looking at scans. Thank you so much for sharing:) Its amazing what the brain can do!