Sunday, November 22, 2009

11 months old today!

We can not believe that Lillian will be 1 year old in 30 days! This year has flown by! It is almost scary! I need to get busy on her decorations and finish Christmas shopping!

Lily has been a little irritable the last couple of days, and more tired than usual. I am thinking that she is going through a growth spurt and or teething. She still only has her two bottom teeth. She has been working on the top ones for months now. Tonight she started acting fussy and ready for bed about 5:30 pm. Ken and I both know that this is far to early to put her down. So, we were trying to hold her off. She usually gets her bath about 6:15 - 6:30, nurses and is tucked in and asleep by 7pm. We knew that we would not be able to hold her off any longer, gave in and bathed her about 5:45 pm. The last couple of days if I grab the boppy and put it on my lap she can't crawl to me fast enough! (She is NOT ready to be weaned) Once she finished nursing we could have sworn she was saying... more like fussing "nigh-nigh" "nigh-nigh" She did this several times. I took her into her room and tried to calm her and rock her. She wanted no parts of this. She wanted in her crib and was ready for slumber! She is not much of a snuggler... I miss her sleeping in my arms. She is such a big girl.

Here are a couple photos from today... She's trying to get the tree.

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