Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wow.... time has been flying!

I can not get over the lack of time that I have had lately. Or is it that I am managing my time poorly? That is possible! Anyway... Lily is doing great. I am not sure when she will have her next follow up with her Neurosurgeon. I spoke with his office yesterday and he wants to review all of her scans (MRI's, CT's, and the numerous ultrasounds) with the Radiologist and decide where we go from here. This is good b/c there has been no change in her scans since about March. (as far as the cyst is concerned) Her vents are still enlarged but they may take a long time to shrink or may stay this way. Only time will tell. The good thing is... he is not urgently making a decision. This means that he is pretty comfortable with where she is right now. :D She has been hitting her milestones and we are so pleased! Here are a couple of recent pictures of her. The one is how she settles herself to sleep... She is holding onto a elephants ears. I'm not sure what will happen when it comes time to remove the bumper pads! I have tried placing her in different areas in her crib and we usually find her like this after a little while. hehehe....

On a more serious note.... a friend of mine from work has told me about one of the little boys in her son's cub scout group. He recently underwent brain surgery. Him (Will) and his family are in dire need of prayer. Please keep them in your prayers. Here is the link to his CaringBridge page.

I will also place a permanent link on my side panel.

Thanks! God Bless


Lisa said...

Seriously, she is one of the prettiest little girls I have ever seen.

By the way....Elisabeth has been grabbing onto her bumber when I put her to bed too :)

Zoe said...

Thank you Lisa! I will tell her that you said so! :D :D

Really... it is so sweet... Do you know when we are supposed to remove the bumpers? I have a feeling Lily is going to protest to that! ;)

alice said...

She is so stinkin cute, LOL! Glad she is doing so well!