Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweet Dreams...

What a "crazy" busy week this has been. :D Monday I took Lil to see her Neurosurgeon. She had what was her last ultrasound. I was surprised that they were able to get anything. By the time that we made it upstairs to go over the results with her Dr. the system was down and he was not able to compare her scans. Good thing that I have seen enough of them to know that it looked about the same to me. So, I spoke with his office today and it was confirmed.... about the same as last time. I'll take that! That means that the cyst is still gone but her ventricles are still twice the size of a "normal" infant her age. They may always be this way. Her head circum was 42.7 and a month ago it was 42. He said that this is acceptable growth. They weighed her and she is now up to about 14 pounds.

He asked me if she was rolling over, I said that she has just started to actively roll over. He then asked "front to back?" "back to front?" I told him both. She will roll over and then roll right back. He said that this was a HUGE 4-6 milestone and it is excellent that she is hitting it. I then said that she is a pretty amazing girl and he agreed. :D We are SO thankful! God has really opened my eyes to see past the surface of many things. I am grateful that he has trusted our family to care for her!

I am excited that I have a couple of new projects to work on.. now if I could organize my thoughts and time to get it all done. :D

I'd like to thank everyone that prayed for my Grandma.... She should be out of the hospital in a day or so and is doing SO much better!

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Lisa said...

That IS huge that she is rolling over! What an accomplishment :)