Friday, June 26, 2009

The excitement!

Its been "a week." LOL... Lily has been teething and fighting sleep at all costs! Poor baby has been so restless. I also think that she may be trying to drop one of her afternoon naps. I am lucky that she isn't really cranky. In my previous posted I stated that I was unsure when she was going to follow up with her Neurosurgeon. His office called me on Tuesday letting me know that Dr. "D" is going out of town and he wanted to know if I could bring Lil in for a quick measure and he wanted to feel her head. (I really like her Dr.) I said sure, and let them know that she is still soft and sunken. Then his scheduler said, so she still has a soft spot? I said yes, about the size of a thumbprint. So, we said our goodbyes and got off the phone. A few minutes later my phone rang again, and it was the Scheduler asking if I minded if we changed the plans... He wanted to try and get one more ultrasound. (being that she still has a soft spot) We are scheduled to go in on Monday morning. I am so grateful for such a wonderful surgeon. I have said it before but want to state it again, God has been SO good to us! I am so grateful that he choose Lily's surgeon. Have I mentioned that her Dr. has a daughter named Lily? I mean really... what are the odds????

This week I have been working with Lil and her sippy cup. She gets SO excited when she sees the cup... you can see her literally shaking with excitement and her eyes light up. I LOVE to see her like this! :D Yesterday, I was getting her peas ready and had placed her cup on her highchair tray with milk. (breastmilk of course) She picked up the cup and got it to her mouth and drank! (the cup is almost bigger than she I have got to try and get a video if this. She amazes me everyday! :D :D

Well... I'm off to get some laundry hung out on our "solar powered clothes dryer." :D

God Bless!

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Lisa said...

Isn't it wonderful to have doctors that go the extra mile? I hope everything goes well with the ultrasound tomorrow