Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There should really be laws against....

being this CUTE!

:D :D I took this photo the other day when Lily and her older sister got in "Lily's" pool.

I am pleased to say that we pretty much have a routine down. Lily has been waking about 7 to 7:30am each morning and is in bed for the night by 8pm. (except daddy still wakes her for a midnight feed. I think that he does this more for him than her. LOL) I know that she likes to stay awake for about an hour and a half. (including the time of her feed) So that leaves me with about 45 minutes of "wake time." Now, let say again that I am very pleased that we have a routine and I am in no way complaining BUT, if we go off track for any reason... (I need to go to the store, or go to the Dr., meet friends for coffee... etc) she refuses to eat while out in public or really nap. I have tried nursing her in the car, feeding her a bottle she just will not take it. She won't even really nap in her car seat while driving either. When we get home she is thrown off for the entire rest of the day. She is over tired so she is irritable and in turn doesn't eat well. So..... Do I become a hermit and stay in the house to keep her on track or venture out more and hope that she is just super curious of her surrondings and the "newness" will fade. Has any of you mom's experienced this? My oldest daughter is close to 16 and I can't remember what she was like. I am welcome to suggestions. :)


Kristen said...

Cayman stays up past her regular nap times if we're not home. She's so occupied with the new surroundings. Then when she gets home she wants to nap too close to bed time and then be awake until midnight or later. So my fix to that situation is, I do let her nap, even if it is close to bedtime but for only 15-20 minutes. Just enough of a cat nap to rejuvenate her but not enough that it recharges her for hours.

I have no great suggestions about the eating in public situation. That has to be frustrating for you. I hope you and Lil Lil will be able to come to an agreement on it. :-)

Carla said...

yay for a routine! Little Man also gets a bit off schedule if we go out. He won't nap when we are in a store- he's too busy looking around, so would say thats normal. I have no idea about not wanting to eat in public, maybe she is too distracted by taking it all in?
Adorable picture, your tight- there should be a law! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it!