Thursday, March 12, 2009

Amazing News!!!!

God is good ALL the time! :D

I took Lily to her Neurosurgeon this morning. She had a CT and then an office visit to discuss the CT findings. Well, the Arachnoid Cyst that was causing her hydrocephalus is GONE!! The last fenestration that the Dr. did was successful! Her ventricles are still Very large but not as large as they were on her first CT scan. There was mostly fluid visible; minimal brain tissue could be seen. I was able to view both scans side by side and WOW!!! Her brain is decompressing nicely. He said that her ventricles could continue to reduce in size or they may stay the way that they are. Only time will tell. He was feeling pretty confident today and wants to see her back in three(3) weeks instead of our usual two(2).

He went on to say that he is now pretty sure that he didn't have to leave the cath line in but if he wouldn't have then he would have needed it. Soooooo if all continues to go well then when she is around a year old he will take her back into the OR and remove it.

I want to thank everyone for your continued prayers and support.. God's work is all over Lily.. from conception, my pregnancy and now her life! I will say it it again... God IS Good all the time!


Sarah said...

Oh absoultely fantastic news about her cyst! You must be so pleased.

Here's to more great CT's.

Carla said...

Way to go Lilli! YAY!

Leigh said...

That is AWESOME news!!! The power of prayer is truly amazing!!!

Alice Kubac said...

That is great news! Love the picture!

Josephine said...

Wow. This is amazing!