Thursday, January 15, 2009

Surgery canceled again!

What a day! I started about 4am. Lily woke for a feed and decided that she wanted to stay awake until about 5:30am. So, I decided that I should probably stay up and get everything ready for our day. She started with a 9:45am appointment with her pediatrician. She is now up to 7lbs and 13oz. She is 20 1/2 inches long and her head circumference was between 38.5 and 39cm. They gave her the second series of her Hepatitis B vaccine while there and wrote for a PKU blood test. (we'd need to take care of that later while at the hospital) We then headed over to the hospital for her CT scan and then an ultrasound of her head then upstairs to see Dr. Dilustro. He reviewed the scans with us and said that her ventricles are still about the same and the cyst is still the same. he felt her head and it is still soft. He asked if she was having any symptoms, (vomitting, irratability, high pitch cry, or poor feeds) None to all of the above. She is feeding very well. She has been a little more irritable but, I really think that this is normal newborn stuff. So, he decided to cancel her surgery that was scheduled for tomorrow. He said that she is not typical. He doesn't like the size of her ventricles but with her showing no symptoms he is wondering if this is just normal for her. That statement was a little scary b/c there is a lot of fluid visible and minimal brain tissue. I asked him about compression and he said that the tissue could be there and just not visible. I asked him if she could grow up and be "normal" just the way she is and he said yes. (That is good news) So, we wait a while longer. We are to return to see him on Monday. He told me to call him over the weekend if anything changes. So, we continue to wait. I am NOT complaining. I am still praying that God heals her completely! She is such a sweet baby even when she is screaming at the top of her lungs. LOL

I am looking forward to tomorrow... NO errands or appointments now that her surgery has been canceled/postponed! Relief... I am looking forward to just "hanging out" with her. Today was so hectic that she had a coupe of melt-downs. :(

I will be sure to take new photos tomorrow!

God Bless.

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