Thursday, January 1, 2009

Second surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.

Happy New Year everyone! Today is Ken and I's ten year wedding anniversary! Wow.. How has time flown by.

Onto Ms. Lillian............
We arrived at the hospital this morning and learned that she is once again spilling fluid from the drain site. Dr. Dilustro was off today but one of his partners looked her over and felt that this was "ok." However, when Ken and I arrived we insisted that the resident contact the Dr. again just to make sure. Not that we are second guessing the Dr's but we needed some reassurance. So, Dr. Dilustro called back and decided that the drain needs to be removed. One of our concerns is if fluid can get out, can't bacteria and etc. get in?? So, when the drain was "installed" we knew that there would come a day where it needed to be removed. Tomorrow is the day. He was not able to achieve the desired results with the drain in so, tomorrow morning he is going to go in and remove it and stitch up the area. Then we have to wait and let the fluid build again. He is hopeful that this will add pressure to the cyst and help it to drain.

We have been told that this is a marathon and that it is going to take a while. She will most likely have multiple surgeries. Please keep her in your prayers tomorrow. Please pray that this procedure is a success.

I was able to hold her today.. that felt so awesome. She seemed to be fairly alert, and content most of the day.

Here are a couple of photos from today.... Yes, Ken and I match. LOL it was not intentional.

God Bless!


SaraHaupt said...

Happy Anniversary! I knew that, I just forgot when you called because we were talking about Lily. Steve got the video today, oh sooo cute! I could just eat her up! I can't get over that chin! Call me tomorrow. I'll be praying for her.

Lahoma said...

You all are beautiful and strong. I love you guys.