Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quick Post

I went to my original OB yesterday (not the specialists from EVMS) for a 4 week c-section check up. EVMS told me that I could just follow up with him. when i arrived to the office everyone was excited to see me and promptly asked how Lily is doing and where she was. Ken was off and it being so cold, I decided to leave her home. (I did take photos with me though) The ultrasound tech came around and gave me several hugs, she was so sweet. She said the day that she had to take the original images was one of the worst days, and then telling my Dr. Eveyone was wonderful. My Dr. came bursting into the room before I even had a chance to get undressed. LOL He was eager to hear about Lily and see her photos. He was so pleased to see pictures with her looking so alert. We had a nice 'visit." He asked me if I felt like he handled the situation ok. He went on to say that delivering news like that is never easy and he wanted to make sure that we were not offended by anything that he said or offered. I told him that I appreciated his honesty and all that he did and that I am so glad that those days are behind us. He went on to say that he is eager to meet Ms. Lily one day soon. So, everything is fine with my check up, I have to wait another 2 weeks before I am able to resume exercising. I am already back at my pre-pregnancy weight. Now, I'd like to lose the extra 13 pounds that I have been lugging around with me. LOL

I also got a phone call from the nurse or the Dr. (@ EVMS) that delivered Lily yesterday. EVMS is a teaching hospital, and they want permission to follow Lily. They requested copies of all of her medical records and one of the Dr.s would like to sit in on her upcoming surgery. Lily is so amazing, people are just drawn to her. I am so excited about her future and what God has planned for her!

I think that she may have giggled for the first time this morning.. it wasn't a cry but it is so hard to tell. Each morning after I change her into her clothes, I put her in her crib to look at all her "friends." This morning she was looking at one of them that moves and make a noise that sounded simular to a giggle. ;) I was also able to get her to follow another one of her stuffed animals with her eyes. ;)

Yesterday, her head circumference looked like it could have been up more. Her fontenal is still soft, and she is still showing no signs of hydro. We have an ultrasound this morning and a appointment with Dr. Dilustro right after. We will discuss the surgery that is scheduled for tomorrow.

I will be back later with an update.

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