Saturday, December 27, 2008

Update from Surgery:

Yesterday evening Lily's pupils were a little enlarged, they were at a 4 and "normal" is a 3. Dr. was not overly concerned with this b/c of the surgery and the nature of the surgery. She was groggy through out the night and not interested in feeds. About 3am they gave her some pain meds b/c she was appearing to be a little uncomfortable. She had some drainage from the external drain and the Dr was called on that and again he was not really concerned with this either.

As of 10 am this morning:

They took her for a CT scan this morning to check the size of the cyst. The Dr stated that the cyst has shrunk some (this will be a gradual process.. terrific news!) he noted that there is a little blood but said that the amount is ok and he is not concerned with it at this point. He removed the dressing that was around the drain and replaced it with some dermabond glue to eliminate the discharge. (He confirmed that this is not CSF.) The dermabond is some strong stuff, that is the glue that they used to close my c-section incision instead of stitches or staples.

She has been moved off the NICU and into the PICU (pedeatric intensive care unit) b/c the NICU is unable to messure the pressure in her head. They are set up like a emergency room. Several beds (about 15-20) in one room with curtains around the spaces. They do have a few closed in rooms with sliding glass doors.. Thats where they have her.

I'll post more as it comes.

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